The Simple Home: The Luxury of Enough

A phone call in 2006 led to writing a new kind of book about residential architecture called, The Simple Home: The Luxury of Enough. Working with writer and historian Frank Edgerton Martin, we researched and told the stores of 21 different takes on simple. Many of these stories are about people who could afford more elaborate but chose a luxury of enough.

We are living in complex times, in a commodified, virtual, and overstimulated culture. One response to high levels of complexity and over-stimulation is to look for yet another gadget or closet organizer to simplify our lives. The answer lies somewhere else. The road to a simpler, more satisfying life begins with the choices we are making about where we want to live. While new copies are currently hard to come by, used copies can be found online, and we are working with the publisher on a fresh release in 2014.