Simple Sustainable, Simple Language

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Sarah discusses simple sustainable with news reporter M.A. Rosko during the 2013 AIA Minnesota Homes by Architects Tour.


What are the differentiators among architecture practices when it comes to sustainability?

Immersed in sustainability, many firms design with sustainability at the forefront. We measure the success of the projects we’ve completed for clients.

But what about measuring the progress any one architectural firm has made? Are practitioners thinking about holistic and philosophical approaches to sustainability? How are we communicating our value to our clients?

I will explore these ideas during our presentation on Wednesday, November 13 at the AIA Minnesota Convention: The Luxury of Enough: Simple is Actually Sustainable.  As an author of the 2006 publication, The Simple Home, The Luxury of Enough, I will reflect on the state of my practice at that time and how the book has continued to play a major role in its growth.

Quite simply, the book has created a language for design.  I find that the book and it’s concepts feed my current practice without being dated, allowing it to evolve. When I meet with a new client, it’s an invaluable tool to start our conversation about design – it empowers them to collaborate with me in the design experience.

I believe the challenges in the profession today – conveying our value in our clients’ minds, connecting with clients to meet their needs – should be approached as a collective profession to ensure our survival. Our presentation on November 13 will share how we’ve advanced these ideas and in doing so, inspire others.

– – Sarah


See the release with complete program description for Event 23, November 13, 2:30-4:00p.m. at the Minneapolis Convention Center here.