My Values

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My Values

I am an Architect and author, a teacher and a pioneer in sustainable design. My passion for my work began growing up in New England with a father who straightened nails in order to reuse them as a matter of principle. Also from my childhood, I remember such simple pleasures as a summer screen porch and fresh vegetables from the garden. As a designer, I create spaces and places that optimize the joys of daily life.


Simple Fountain - "the joys of daily life"


I use the phrase ‚”Green design”‚ to mean several things: green as in gardens and landscape, green as in sustainable buildings and green as in native landscape restorations. These three ‚”Green”‚ approaches are aspects of many of my designs.

For me, architecture extends beyond buildings to gardens, woodlands and the land that feeds us. Good design connects the senses of smell, touch, sound and the processes of nature. My quest is to create architecture that is elegant in its simplicity and rich in its reflection of the people who use it. This balance simplicity and pleasure is what I like to call, ” the Luxury of Enough.”